5 Places to Enjoy Madeira Holidays at a Beach

Where is Madeira?

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by water on all sides, Madeira is a charming garden where you can swim and enjoy the sea all year round.

The island belongs to Portugal. Madeira, a land of eternal spring and one of the oldest resorts in Europe. It is so green that even its name translated from Portuguese as a woody island.

The sea, always nearby, has an irresistible appeal that provides all of the island’s visitors with some unforgettable times. The sun is a constant presence throughout the year, making Madeira holidays a good destination for beach lovers.

Madeira holidays at a beach, Calheta Madeira holidays in Calheta, Portugal. Image by © Vitor Oliveira

Due to the steep slopes on the island, which terminate in abrupt cliffs, the beaches are like pontoons. The sea is calm and clear, delighting those who appreciate nature.

What is Madeira Weather like?

The island's weather feels like spring all year long, with the average annual temperature of 20°C. Daily averages through May to October 25°C and around 20°C the rest of a year. Precipitation are most likely from November to February. Monthly sunshine hours around 200h.

Surely hot days happens in Madeira too, e.g. a record temperature fixed for July is 37°C, but nights are fresh and most of the time you can enjoy its soft climate.

Madeira Holiday Destinations

Although the island popular among older tourists, younger visitors can spend their holidays in an active way. Here are best places to enjoy the sea:

1. Start with the capital of Madeira, Funchal. Being one of the main tourist attractions, the city has what to offer to sea holidays lovers. When all unusual fruits are tasted at Mercado dos Lavradores market and a Botanical Garden is seen it's time to get wet.

At Funchal marina, in the centre of the city, there are facilities for those who want to sail, water ski, jet ski, parasail, etc.

2. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, then the waters around Madeira are perfect. The coast at Jardim do Mar and at Paul do Mar has excellent surfing conditions, with waves for all tastes.

Madeira's surfspots known to surf experts for its tunnel waves at Paul do Mar and for the large waves of Jardim do Mar. The World Surf championships has been hosted on the island.

3. Beautiful Madeira beaches are placed near town of Paul do Mar, these sites are Ponta do Sol and golden beaches of Calheta.

They say that yellow sand for Calheta beach was brought from Morocco instead of the dark rock one. Access is free.

Madeira beaches in CalhetaCalheta Beach in Madeira, Portugal. Image by © Vitor Oliveira

4. The island offers good conditions for all those who wish to enjoy the sun and swim, given that nearly all of the hotels have excellent swimming pools, the majority of which are salt water pools.

Don’t leave without visiting the famous natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz, which are carved out of the rock. Made by lava and improved by human, these pools are a good and safe place to take a bath in the Atlantic Ocean.

natural swimming pools at porto moniz madeiraNatural swimming pools at Porto Moniz, Madeira. Image by © Vitor Oliveira

5. Another way to enjoy the very blue sea is to take a cruise along the coast. These fascinating trips can last for just one day and during the trip you can swim, sunbathe and fish. Seen from the sea, Madeira is a different and even more beautiful island.

Traveler's NotesLocation
  • Madeira is a Portugal island
  • Monetary unit: Euro, €
  • Time Zone: UTC +1 (WEST)
  • Phone code: +351 291
  • Climat: Mediterranean
  • Main cities: Funchal (capital), Machico, Santa Cruz, Camara De Lobos, Riviera Brava

based on materials and written with permission of VisitPortugal.com

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