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10 Ways to Explore Kiev (Kyiv) including a famous Chicken

A Green, golden-domed and old city - that's the traditional description of Kiev (Kyiv). My hometown, and the capital of Ukraine. Surely it's the simplified definition, so let's figured out how the things are (and what a chicken has to do with it all :)

Venice Carnival - time for Masks & 5 Essential Things

Have you ever been to a Carnival? If you love parties then February is that month for a trip, to join the most elegant of them - the Carnival of Venice.

Once a year the city on water hosts maybe the oldest and glamorous costumed party, diving you into a magical atmosphere of medieval festivity.

Valentine's Day - 7 Ideas of Best Places to Go

If you're about to celebrate Valentine's Day, ask yourself - what could be better than a material present? The answer is - an event! Romantic or adventurous - you decide.

Surely in terms of costs an event could easily overleap anything, the important part here is to: Share this day with your beloved ones in a place you would remember with a happy smile.

Things to do in London - Top 10 Attractions

When choosing a place for a trip, we're usually considering on what we want to get from our travelling - adventure or relaxation, discover historic sites or all in one pocket.

Speaking of London is a classic. Destination must -to- visit, to see and remember! It offers numerous things to do, and here I'd like to focus on city's famous attractions.

Gracia - Maybe the Best of Neighborhoods to Stay in Barcelona

One of the most distinct and trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona is Gracia. If you're looking for a place to stay in Barcelona for your holiday then Gracia is a great choice for an authentic atmosphere - cozy, not crowded streets with many local restaurants, boutiques and bars.

The place for famous Gaudi sites, hipsters and where you can get the truly local experience.