Top 10 Christmas Places to Celebrate in 2019

It's Christmas time! When during each December people around the world celebrate one of the biggest Christian holiday. Time for Christmas markets, trees, decorations and presents which Santa brings on December the 25th - the birth of Jesus Christ.

Venice Carnival - time for Masks & 5 Essential Things

Have you ever been to a Carnival? If you love parties then February is that month for a trip, to join the most elegant of them - the Carnival of Venice.

Once a year the city on water hosts maybe the oldest and glamorous costumed party, diving you into a magical atmosphere of medieval festivity.

Valentine's Day - 7 Ideas of Best Places to Go

If you're about to celebrate Valentine's Day, ask yourself - what could be better than a material present? The answer is - an event! Romantic or adventurous - you decide.

Surely in terms of costs an event could easily overleap anything, the important part here is to: Share this day with your beloved ones in a place you would remember with a happy smile.

What Are Top 10 Famous London Attractions

Many of us remember from school that "London is the capital of Great Britain" and so on. I'm sure you familiar with major London attractions, even without visiting the city. Like Big Ben, its famous symbol from a tea box.

But when you first time in London, it's better to explore city's classic side first. Sometimes it seems this megapolis is too globalized and you gotta focus well to feel its authentic atmosphere.

Why Gracia in Barcelona Maybe the Best Neighborhood

One of the most distinct and trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona is Gracia. It's a good place for a leisurely stroll or a stay in the city for your holiday. Choose it for an authentic atmosphere - cozy, not crowded streets with many local restaurants, boutiques and bars.

I've been to Barcelona a couple of times. And I love the city. But this time Gracia opened it to me from another side. Calm and unhurried. I would say that Gracia is all about famous Gaudi sites and an annual local festival, hipsters and where you can get the truly local experience.