5 Reasons to Choose Cancun as a Beach Resort on Vacation

Searching for the perfect beach resort isn't always easy - after all, your idea of an ideal getaway won't necessarily match the views of the majority. That said, there's one destination that's a pretty reliable choice for this kind of break, whatever you're into, and that's Cancun in Mexico.

This city offers all the essential ingredients for a beach vacation. White sand and the Caribbean Sea make Cancun a perfect beach resort. And then a few more treats thrown in for good measure.

What this means is that it's got something to offer pretty much everyone, whether you want to do nothing but laze around on sand or you plan to get a bit more adventurous on your vacation.

Cancun beach  resort in Mexico White sand beaches of Cancun. Image by © Mardetanha / CC BY-SA 3.0

There are a lot of well known hotels, like the Ritz-Carlton and Beach Palace or JW Marriott Resort & Spa featured at tripadvisor dot com as top choices for a beach resort in Cancun.

BUT, no matter of which resort you'll choose, they all have one common thing - Cancun. Surely, research of what suits best for your budget is in order to do, but before consider on what to expect from this destination in general.

So here are 5 Reasons of why to go in Cancun when looking for beach vacations

1. Great Weather
The staple of every good beach vacation has to be Great Weather. After all, you're not exactly going to sunbathe in the pouring rain and freezing cold, are you? Having a tropical climate, Cancun is one of those magical destinations that stays warm all year round.

cancun beach vacation Palms are ideal for a vacation. Image by © ClatieK / CC BY-ND 2.0

That said, it's worth bearing in mind that this tropical climate also means there are periods of heavy rain. Generally, the rainy season falls between May and September, but on the whole downpours only occur in the late afternoon and evening, so don't dismiss the idea of travelling then.

2.Excellent Beaches
Cancun has a pretty strong reputation for its beaches - particularly because it's on the Caribbean Sea. In fact, plenty of people reckon the destination as a whole offers the very best of both Mexico and the Caribbean - and we tend to agree.

white beach of cancun in mexico Beach resorts of Yucatan. Image by © Keith Pomakis / CC BY-SA 2.5

The northern beaches are particularly pretty, with their white sand and turquoise water, but there are some great stretches a little further out too. Playa Delfines, for example, is perfect if you're looking for somewhere a bit less crowded (it's the last beach along the main boulevard, you see, so plenty of people don't get that far) and has great views.

3.Water Sports
A beach vacation is a great opportunity to give Water Sports a try - and it's a common feature on people's to-do lists. Fortunately, Cancun Resorts are chock full of options, including Swimming, Sailing and Fishing. Where the destination really shines, however, is in Scuba Diving and snorkelling.

In fact, this is where the Great Mesoamerican Reef lies, which is the second-largest in the world. Dive here and you'll be able to have one of the best diving experiences of your life. Plus, if you'll be diving for the first time, there are plenty of schools to help you learn - or you could just opt to snorkel. Cenote - or sinkhole - diving is what the destination is really famous for, however, so it's worth giving this a go if you can.

cancun beach resorts Image by © Luyten

4.Spas and All inclusive
If your idea of the perfect beach getaway means pampering yourself rather than getting active, you'll be pleased to hear there are plenty of spas - so much so that a lot of the hotels here are equipped with them. Good news if you don't fancy going to too much effort to treat yourself!

cancun all inclusive resorts with spa All inclusive option. Image by © jerowee / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

While you're here, it's worth trying some treatments with a traditional flavour. Mayan massage, for example, involves a soft massage with essential oils, before hot stones are placed on your skin - definitely a good way to relax.

Fancy letting your hair down? If you see your vacations as the time to cut loose, it's always worth checking out the local nightlife before you book. Cancun resorts certainly delivers on this front, with a fairly impressive collection of bars, restaurants and clubs waiting to keep you entertained until the sun comes up.

There are loads to choose from, but in terms of clubs, Dady'O is among the most famous. You'll find it in the centre of the hotel district, blaring out everything from Latin music to trance and hip hop across five floors - all with a faux-cave theme.

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