Valentine's Day - 7 Ideas of Best Places to Go

If you're about to celebrate Valentine's Day, ask yourself - what could be better than a material present? The answer is - an event! Romantic or adventurous - you decide.

Surely in terms of costs an event could easily overleap anything, the important part here is to: Share this day with your beloved ones in a place you would remember with a happy smile.

Valentine's Day Best Ideas of Places to Go Valentine's Day Best Ideas of Places to Go, Paris. Image by ©

Of course if you have any ideas to spend this day in your area I couldn't be an adviser, but for those who wouldn't mind for a trip here are my suggestions for Valentine's:

1 Paris, the city of romance

A classic and not original answer - you say, it is! But you won't beat classic, thus better deal with it :) Paris is really captivating when it comes to romantic things. This city lures couples simply by its atmosphere.

Valentine's Day in Paris, France Romantic getaway in Paris, France. Image by © belindaselene

All work here to create the right mood - the French language from around, which by itself sounds romantically for a non-local ear. Old town streets and squares with one time impressive but cozy architecture. Bridges over the Seine and those Croissants with a cup of coffee for breakfast under a table outside a cafe somewhere with the Eiffel Tower view. Paris has everything to make your day special.

Catch a Tip: save your time and don't go on the Tower, better sit near it - believe me hours of waiting and quees don't worth a view from which you can't see the Eiffil Tower itself :)

best for: walks, romantic dinners, stylish souvenirs

2 Belmond British Pullman Train across the United Kingdom

For those who enjoy train trips, a journey around Britain on a luxury train through areas of castles and breathtaking landscapes is a good choice for this day!

These trains formed of comfortable and restored Pullman coaches originally from the 1920-50s. Chic and glamorous are those words to describe the interiors. Romance guaranteed :)

Valentine's Day journey, British Pullman Train across UK Romantic journey, Belmond British Pullman Train across UK. Image by ©

Consider a non-stop round trip option with lunch, afternoon tea and dinner served on board.

British Pullman Train, operated by Belmond, isn't the only destination. If you'd like go further, the company offers trains accross Europe with arrivals in Paris, Venice, Rome and more (aka Venice Simplon-Orient-Express).

By the way, you might remember this company if you ever been to Machu Picchu. Those beautiful expresses are running in Peru, too.

best for: road trips

3 Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

What could be better seeing the northern lights? Is watching it with your friends. And double better - with your beloved one!

Valentine's Day at Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland February 14 at Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland. Image by © daniel_ernst

You won't find more cozy place to share these moments than the hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland (Saariselka village). The best option to choose are Glass Igloos, made of glass half-spheres which stand in a snowy forest.

Laying on a warm bed under the stars, watching a spectacular nature performance - the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day. Truly an unforgettable experience.

best for: romantic northern lights watching, winter travel

4 New York, New York

The city that never sleeps can offer an option for everyone to mark February 14. It isn't hard to find romance in the Big Apple, even though New York is the crowded place to say the least.

Plan your activities to be in time everywhere. Ice Skating with holding hands at Rockefeller Center, city walks in Central Park among beautiful landscapes, especially nice if snowy or even a tropical walk at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, regardless of weather.

Valentine's Day in New York, Rockefeller Center Romance in New York, Rockefeller Center. Image by © kylelegg

Plus to it - visiting atop The Empire State Building for looking out at the city from high above. Enjoy a dinner at one of romantic NYC restaurants and watch a Broadway show together.

best for: walks, dinner, performances

5 Skiing in Switzerland

For active holidays lovers - downhill skiing among snowy evergreen trees which ends with a tasty and hot food, isn't romantically? Add here cozy seclusion near a fireplace, sharing Fondue made of Swiss cheese and the romantic atmosphere completed.

Valentine's Day in Switzerland, the Alps Skiing in the Alps of Switzerland. Image by © Steven Epprecht

Lucerne or Arosa in Switzerland is a perfect options for such Mountain leisure and catching winter views. These cozy towns lie right in the Swiss Alps. Expensive and picturesque, Lucerne and Arosa will not leave you indifferent.

best for: crowded city escapes, winter travel

6 Sea resort. The Canary islands, Maldives or Caribbean.

Many of us would love the idea of escaping winter cold and go to the beach for a week. Unless you live in a warmer climate :)

Valentine's Day by the sea, Maldives Valentine breaks by the Sea, Maldives. Image by © michutravel

Sea, the sun and greens around sound great in contrast with snow. Thus any destinations mentioned above would be a good variant if you choose to warm up a bit on Valentine's. Walking along the sea coast, a romantic dinner under the sound of the surf and a salty breeze are must haves in this case.

So the Canary islands as well as the Maldives and Caribbean all have a soft climate in winter with an average temperature of about 20-28C. Also colorful landscapes guaranteed. The best choice here is a shorter flight. The Canary islands are closer to Europe, the Caribbean to Americas and the Maldives are in the Indian Ocean.

best for: sea vacation

7 Venice, simply gorgeous

Needless to say that a gondola boat ride on the Grand Canal in Venice suits as an optimal option for Valentine's. Floating through Venetian canals among stunning architecture of numerous palaces will easily dips you into romance.

Add here unhurried walks on beautiful Piazzas, famous Italian food and Venice in this list by right!

Valentine's Day in Venice, Italy Valentine's Day in Venice, Italy. Image by © sennarelax

As a bonus will be those years when February 14th fall on time of the Venice Carnival. Like in 2017. Crowded - yes, but the atmosphere of medieval festivity worth it. And even so there are still retired spots to be found in the city: a little cafe or gondola.

best for: romantic atmosphere

I'm sure you know that an important here is your attention not the price ;) Happy travels!

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