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The annual Carnival has opened in Venice

The traditional Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia 2012) has opened on Saturday (the 4th of February) and will last for the next two and a half weeks, untill "Fat Tuesday" on February 21. Venitian Carnaval 2012 is held under the slogan "Life is theatre! It's time to get masked" (italiano-"La vita e teatro. Tutti in maschera").

Carnival of Venice 2012, Italy-The traditional water parade of boats - Travel Europe Guide

The famous city on the water attracts every year a thousands of tourists to watch and take a part in the Venitian Carnaval which is taking place against the background of the unique scenery. A trip to Italian Venice during the Carnival will be interesting for every traveler.Festivities as always began on the Saint Marco Square (Piazza San Marco) where is set a fountain with a red wine. In addition, this year in Venice at the entrance to the Grand Canal, has appeared a 9-meter high wooden statue of a bull, which will be burned on the last day of carnival.

Due to this year's slogan "Life is Theatre", all the squares, streets, canals and bridges of Venice in the next few days will turn into a real theater area, where will be given, perhaps, one of the most interesting and exciting performances in the world.

The most interesting ceremonies during the Carnaval are "The flight of the Angel" (February 12),"Water parade", dedicated to all Venetians and Guests (February 5), and "The Best Masked Costume Contest " (February 19).

According to organizers, due to bad weather, the traditional water parade of boats on Sunday is cancelled. The event will take place the same today, February Sunday 5th, starting from 11.30 am, at Cannaregio, with the Food Feast by AEPE and artistic performances.

Carnival of Venice 2012, Italy-The Water Parade of boats - Travel Europe Guide
On February 12 in the central square of San Marco, from a hundred-metter tower, an "Angel" will come down to the crowd. Usually this flight attracts the largest number of viewers.
Carnival of Venice 2012, Italy-The flight of the Angel- Travel Europe Guide

Each day during the Festival of Venice, will be filled with a numerous of carnival exhibitions, theatrical performances and musical programs, which will take place throughout the city from the morning and till the late evening. According to the program of Venice Carnival 2012 events among others we suggest to take a part in:
"Festa Veneziana" (February 5, at 11.30 am, at Cannaregio), "The Ice rink at Piazza Ferretto", € 5-10 (Feb 5, 11:00-19:00/Feb 7-21, 15:00-19:00)"Opening of the Gran Teatro di San Marco with the artists of the Carnival Festival" (Feb 11(-21), 11:00 Piazza San Marco)
"Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival 2012" (Feb 11-13,16-18 at 11:00 and 16:00 Piazza San Marco)
"The theatre of sweetness - music, flavours and chocolate" (Feb 11/12 10:00-19:00 Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio)
"Volo dell'Angelo" - Reebok Angel Flight" (Feb 12, 12:00 Piazza San Marco )
"Black & White night" (Feb 13, at 19:00 Piazza San Marco)
"The theatre of sweetness - Special St Valentine's day" (Feb 13-14 10:00-19:00 Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio)
"The Best Masked Costume Contest - The Final" (Feb 19, 14:30/16:00 Piazza San Marco)
"Carnival in the Old Town Centre" (Feb 20, 15.00 /16.00 Venezia-Murano-Burano)
"The silent water parade" (Feb 21, 23.30 From Rialto to San Marco, Single place: € 75,00; Entire gondola (max 5 places): € 350,00 )
"The Wine Fountain " Every day in Piazzetta San Marco it will be possible to taste a selection of the best wines of the region Veneto.

And on February 21 the "Silent regatta" of the gondolas will complete the Festival of Venice 2012. A water parade of traditional rowing boats will float along the Grand Canal, from Rialto to San Marco.

Carnival of Venice 2012, Italy-Masked Lovers- Travel Europe Guide
Traveling in Italy this month check the weather forecast for at least 5 days ahead, because of the cold winter over Europe. Travel safely! source:, (including photos),
legal notice: copyright owner for the first three photos is Venezia Marketing & Eventi S.p.A.
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