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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2012

2012 Rio Carnival, the most famous Carnival of Brazil, has opened on Friday, February 17 and will last for the next five days, untill the "Ash Wednesday", on February 22. The annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (held before Lent) is a place for a spectacular parades, brilliant costumes, colorful performances and endless dances. The final event will take place on Saturday, February 25.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2012, Brazil |Sambadrome Parade|Samba Schools - Travel Europe Guide

Every year Rio de Janeiro attracts thousands of tourists to watch the world biggest Carnival. This year about 2 million of people took part in the "Cordao da Bola Preta" parade, which held on the streets of Rio. In total, during 2012 Rio Carnival, will be organized some 400 parades.

The hotels in Rio are full to the limits, because of a big number of tourists this year. About 850,000 tourists are said to be in Rio de Janeiro.

Officially, festivities began from the ceremony of the keys handover of the city, from the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to the comic owner of the Carnival, "King Momo". And with the performance of the Children´s Samba Schools Parade in the evening.

The "Sambodrome", parade avenue with tribunes, is the main place for the Rio Carnival. It has been finally reconstructed this year, and can fit up to 80,000 of visitors. Nomerous Samba Schools shows their achievements, moving under the fiery music on the Sambadrome. There are 5 different parades in the Sambadrome: Samba Schools in the Special Group (Feb 19-20), Champions Parade (Feb 25), Samba Schools in Group "A" ,"B" (Feb 18, 21) and Children's Samba Schools (Feb 17).

On Sunday and Monday (February 19, 20) will be the culmination of the festival. It is competition time for 13 top league samba schools, who are fighting for titles at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Every samba school has up to 5 thousands of dancers. The winner will be determined by the Jury.

Around 80 per cent of those taking part are poor local people who receive their costumes free. Others, who are mostly Brazilian, pay up to 300 euros to take part, reported Euronews.

According to the programme of the Rio Carnival 2012, among the main events to visit are:
"the Opening Ceremony" (Feb 17, at 13:00)
"Children´s Samba Schools Parade" (Feb 17, at 19:00)
"Cordao da Bola Preta Parade" (Feb 18, at 9:30)
"Parade of the Samba Schools in the Special Group" (Feb 19-20, at 21:00, Sambadrome)
"Champions´ Parade " (Feb 25, at 21:00 Sambodrome)

And the final event on the Sambodrome of the Rio Carnival 2012 will complete the Festival already after the officially closing, on February 25, by the Parade of the winners.

Rio Carnival 2012, Brazil | Sambadrome Parade| Samba Schools - Travel Europe Guide
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