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Top 7 food brands of Europe

European cuisine is very rich and everyone will find something unforgetable tasty among such a famous cuisines as the Italian, French, Greek, Spanish etc. We made our rating of top 7 European Food Brands, which are the most popular among others. They are a great way to taste while traveling! Of course you can order a Pizza or buy some Feta Cheese in your city, but only in Italy you can try a real taste of theItalian Pizza or feel the taste of truth Austrian Sausages only when in Vienne!

TOP 7 European Food brands

1. Italian Pizza
The most famous Italian product is - Pizza of course! It took the leadership among other Italian food such as Pasta or Risotto. Four Cheese, Margarita or Vegitariana will be tasty for everyone. The roots of Pizza goes to Greek cuisine, where a very similar dish was prepared much before Italians, it was a bread with a cheese and olives, but in Italy added tomato sause and now everywhere the famous Italian Pizza is a guest on a table! Try several types of Pizza while traveling to Italy, in every Pizzeria you will find some brand recipe, and everywhere it will be the real Italian taste!

Italian Pizza- Travel Europe

2. Belgian Chocolate
Who didn't taste a Chocolate? I don't know such a people. Sweet or black, with nuts or jam - in any case it took the second place in our rating.
At first Chocolate sales in the pharmacies as a medicament, and only after some time it becomes a sweet dessert. Belgianes came up with the Chocolate candies, Choco cakes and Chocolate with the stuffings. Belgian Chocolate famous for its perfect qualities, because it made only with the best ingridients, such as Alpine milk and because of a big number of products which made from the Chocolate. Traveling to Belgium - visit one of the hundreds of the chocolate's stores.

Belgian Chocolate - Travel Europe

3. French Champagne
This sparkling wine is no doubt the most popular French food brand. Neither Croissants nor Foie gras can't compete in popularity with the French Champaigne. During the centuries it has the second name - the Royal drink. According to the rules of production, Champagne must be made from the grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier. After minimum 3 years of holding Champaigne in the cellars it is ready for consuming or to be used as a shower in the winner ceremony of some racing! :)

4. Greek Salad
This dish is probably the most famous among the others in Greek cuisine, and contain a mix of such Greek brands as Feta Cheese and Olive oil. Together with tomatoes, onions and olives you can feel on taste what means to live in Greece. Greek Salad has been known since the ancient times and in this case such a brand you can eat everyday, without any bad influence on your health. In fact, Greek Salad is a very useful product because it belongs to the mediterranean diet.

Greek Salad- Mediterranean diet- Travel Europe

5. Austrian/German Sausages
This position was taken at once for two countries - Austria and Germany, because of an old dispute between Vienna and Frankfurt about the invention of the Sausages. No matter who first prepared this product, both countries famed of it. Vienna sausages or Frankfurter has the perfect taste, made from the mixture of beef and pork, usually longer and thinner than, for example, the american hot-dogs. While traveling in Vienna you will discover the popularity of this Sausages - it sales everywhere, even under the Opera. It tastes better with a tomato sause or mustard.

6. Ukranian Vareniki
Ukraine, the largest country in Europe , has a very rich cuisine traditions, not so popular so far, but very tasty! And the most delicious Ukrainian food for the tourists is "Vareniki", which are a paste products with the different fillings inside. They has the shape of a half moon, and after they was filled with a stuffings, Vereniki are placing into the boiling water for a few minutes. Vareniki can be sweet or made with the fillings based on potatoes, or with a meat, or with a mushrooms and cheese etc. Vareniki tastes better with a garlic souce or with a sour cream. Our choice is Vereniki with Cherries, which are best together with a 25% sour cream. Bon appetite! (Smachnogo!)

7. English Pudding
English Pudding took the seventh place in our rating. This famous British dessert which based on the eggs, sugar, milk and flour is one of the best ways to discover English Cuisine, because of its popularity and dozen of recipes. Chocolate Pudding will be a good addition to black tea or even on a holiday table as the Christmas Pudding. Pudding is served Sir! :)

Hot Chocolate fondant Pudding- Travel Europe

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